Competition between the Paraguayan state and powerful ranching interests in southern Brazil for influence in neighboring Uruguay was a contributing factor to the war.


The fort at Nova Coimbra was an early prize in Paraguay’s invasion of Brazil.

map Paraguay demanded free passage from Argentina in order to invade Uruguay, then forced its way when it was not given, pulling two more nations into the war.
river battle

Brazil inflicted crippling blows against the Paraguayan navy during the Battle of the Riachuelo.

man in battle

Short of men, Paraguay pressed citizens of all ages into battle.


Cartoon mocking the Triple Alliance between Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay from a Paraguayan journal.

Lopez Francisco Solano López led Paraguay to war with courage, tenacity and an increasingly tenuous grip on reality.

The allies’ devastating losses at the battle of Curupayty was a great victory for the Paraguayans that prolonged the war considerably.